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You’re thinking about stopping drinking. You are not sure if you want to, you may just want to cut down. You just know that how much you drink is starting to bother you. You like alcohol, you like having fun but recently alcohol has created more problems than it has solved. 

You feel stuck as you have tried cutting down but it hasn’t really worked. You don’t know what to tell your friends as everyone seems to drink. You just seem to waste so much energy thinking about stopping or trying to control your drinking. 

You just want to stop for a while

Imagine not drinking for 30 days and feeling better, sleeping better. Imagine feeling back in control of your life. Imagine finally having clarity on your relationship with alcohol. 

You are no longer spending all your time thinking about whether to drink or not.  You can take a break from drinking without worrying what anyone thinks. You have the tools and support to keep going, quitting for 30-days feel easy.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have tried lots of ways to cut-down or control your drinking.
  • You feel like you want a break from drinking
  • You are scared of what people will think if you are not drinking
  • You just want to know what to do next

That’s where we can help

We are coaches for people who feel like alcohol has hijacked their lives. Although they can’t imagine life without it, every time they drink or fail to control their drinking, they wake up feeling ashamed, guilty and frightened. We help you transform your relationship with alcohol, so you are free to socialize, have fun and restore your health.

As a result of this program you will:

  • Have a plan to ‘take a break’ from drinking
  • Know exactly what to say to your friends and family
  • Understand why alcohol has been a problem recently
  • Feel clear and focused on what you want to do with your life.
30-Day Free OF Booze.png

The 30-day program includes:

Instruction manual for breaking free

We will take you through the four essential stages you need to successfully quit for 30-days. 





You will understand exactly what to do and will have a plan and strategy for every situation. We will show you how you will not feel like you are ‘missing out’ but instead your life will feel fuller. At the end of 30-days you will feel back in control of your life.

Closed Facebook group just for paid students

You’ll find that our Facebook group is a supportive and understanding community who are all on the same journey. You can also ask the instructors questions about the course material and get support from other students.

With our expert help, guidance and coaching, you don’t have to waste more time thinking about stopping drinking or cutting down.

If you want to feel back in control then let’s get started.

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Step 3: Dig into the materials suggested in the welcome email!

Do you have any questions or concerns?

Then email me here: info@soberful.com