You have stopped drinking but life is a struggle. You Sometimes look at other people drinking and wonder if you could just have one… You really don’t want to drink, but you still feel like you are ‘missing out’ on something. 

You want this fantastic sober life you keep hearing about, but although you have good days, it still feels like a struggle. You sometimes feel lost and alone as no one really understands what you are going through. 

You just want to feel better.

Imagine being able to go to a party and socializing and having fun without ever wanting a drink. Picture waking up the next morning with good memories and no regrets. You’re in control of your life and feel comfortable and at ease with yourself. You know life is short, and now that you’ve conquered alcohol, you can make every day count. 

You can meet your goals and get stuff done because you’re finally free from the pressure to drink. Imagine what it would feel like to feel hopeful and excited about life and never feel like you are missing out. 

Does this sound familiar?

•    You spend a lot of time thinking about drinking or not drinking.
•    You feel anxious a lot of the time.
•    You feel lonely and “left out” when you see everyone drinking.
•    You just don’t know where to start.

That’s where I can help

I'm a coach for people who feel like alcohol hijacked their lives. Although they can’t imagine life without it, every time they drink or fail to control their drinking, they wake up feeling ashamed, guilty and frightened. I help you eliminate the desire to drink, so you are free to socialize, have fun and restore your health.

Personal, intensive, unlimited support

The Soberful Coaching Programs are customized to suit your needs and offers unlimited support. As a result of our work together you will:

•    Stop feeling like you’re missing out when you’re not drinking. In fact, you’ll feel just the opposite!
•    Feel free of the past and focused on a bright future
•    Have the freedom to live the life you want because alcohol no longer controls you.
•    Finally be able to like yourself again.

Client Testimonials

"Knowing what’s normal, and how to work through emotional past events as well as how to manage life now as an adult! Identifying limiting beliefs and moving beyond them. Also helped in guiding me in setting up a real life and online support system to continue with post coaching. 

Also supported and helped me to deal with a really tough situation with my son and allowed me the space I needed to work out how to best help him and keep him safe."
Wendy, 41, Australia

"I stopped drinking, and more importantly the obsessive desire to drink was gone. I have the freedom and ability to deal with things as they come up, instead of living in constant shame and fear dulled by alcohol".
Emma, 32

"I had no idea why I contacted you or how it was going to work but I knew I needed something different.  I strongly identified with your message and found hope in your approach to sobriety. "
Debbie, 50, USA

“I worked with Veronica about 15 years ago at the very beginning of my fight with a severe eating disorder. I had already got about 4 years sobriety under my belt but couldn’t understand why I continued to abuse myself through anorexia and bulimia.  Since, I have been diagnosed with complex PTSD but looking back, when I first met Veronica I was scared, confused, angry and hated the world and especially me.  Veronica was the first person who tried to understand me and help me even though I tried to push her away. I truly believe that if Ronnie hadn’t been so caring, so patient, so understanding and supportive back then, I really would not be here today."
Nic, 40, UK



If you are interested in a personalized coaching package, then please book a discovery call and we can discuss the next steps.