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    You know alcohol has become a problem, and you want your life back, but you don’t where to start. I cut through the noise and show you how to make it happen.



    The Sober Kickstart

    You’ve been thinking about you’re drinking for a while. You are not sure if you want to stop forever, you may just want to cut down. In this 30-day program, you will understand why alcohol has been a problem recently and have a clear plan to stop for 30-days without feeling like you are ‘missing out.’ 


    Soberful Life Community

    You are sober but you want more. You feel ready to deepen your recovery but don’t know how. You think you are ready for the next level but are not sure where to start.

    You are ready for a Soberful Life.


    The easy way to beat alcohol triggers 

    Your biggest trigger is stress. You feel like you are going to explode. You feel overwhelmed, and out of control and before you know it you’re reaching for a drink and beating yourself up again for failing. You don’t want to drink; you feel like you are doing well, you’re filling your days constructively then bam! Your partner/child/boss/bestie says or does something, and you are so angry or upset all you can think about is having a drink. In this one-hour workshop, I will show you how to reduce or eliminate your drinking triggers quickly.


    The easy way to beat sugar cravings

    Have you stopped drinking and discovered you are now craving sugar?

    Do you find yourself obsessing about sugar instead of alcohol? You don’t want to drink, but you find yourself stuffing down chocolate, cake, and cookies at every opportunity?

    Do you feel out of control when anything sugary is around? Like you can’t trust yourself? In this one-hour workshop, I show you how to reduce or eliminate your cravings quickly! 


    You are ready to take your sobriety to the next level. You’ve hit a roadblock and feel stuck. You want to do the work to get free. We work with individual clients who are looking for personal support to get to the root of their issues and transform their lives. 

    Please see details of my qualifications and experience here.

    Book - Why You Drink and How to Stop: A Journey to Freedom

    Why you drink and How to stop by Veronica Valli

    "Veronica Valli has written one of the clearest, most fascinating & truly helpful books on addiction I've ever read.

    Whether you're struggling now & need help, have struggled in the past, or you've ever loved an addict, this book pierces through the confusing and terrifying misinformation that surrounds this disease. 

    From the first page to the last, I was completely enthralled by this brilliantly researched, refreshingly straightforward & delightfully compelling book."

    Kristen Johnston, two-time Emmy award winning actress, NYT best selling author and recovery advocate.

    Book - Get Sober, Get Free: Your Practical Guide

    'Get Sober Get Free -Your Practical Guide' is the follow up to her hugely successful Why You Drink and How to Stop. Get Sober, Get Free is for anyone who would like to understand their drinking and develop strategies to stay alcohol free. It’s a practical handbook for achieving sustainable sobriety


    I cannot recommend Veronica highly enough. I was lucky enough to have met her when I was 21 years old as a girl who was at rock bottom and had nothing left to lose (apart from my life). She saved me from a lifetime of pain and destruction by helping me with her expertise in recovery from addiction. I lead what I feel is a ‘normal’ life - as normal as it will ever be for me - and a world away from what I ever dreamed possible. I will always be indebted to Veronica. She never gave up on me even though I had given up on myself, and for that I will always be eternally thankful. I am, as she always used to say, ‘the woman I was always meant to be.
    — Leanne C., sober since 2010

    I participated in the Soberful 6 week course. I cannot emphasize enough how much it helped me get to the core of my alcohol addiction. Veronica is a master at cutting to the real reason that we drink. She shared worksheets that led us to explore our relationships with alcohol and we had weekly online meetings to discuss our struggles. I made sober friends that I hope to have in my life forever. Veronica truly cares and is the ultimate cheerleader to her clients. She is full of knowledge and truly cares and wants to help us. I took the course prior to the holidays to get proper footing for those often stressful times with family. I cannot thank her properly for how much her course helped me to stay grounded and sober. If you are considering taking the course, don’t think about it, just DO IT! Thank you Veronica!!

    — Shea, 43 Soberful student

    It was a real privilege for me. I think it was a life-changing experience and will continue to be so for a long time as I keep revisiting the materials and exercises. I know I am not there yet but I really think I now have the tools to keep moving in the right direction. Now that week 6 is finished, I can fully appreciate how the modules of the course hang together, many integrating with others so that the course as a whole forms one great recovery engine. God knows how you created it and how you fit that planet-sized brain into that little skull. I need to use what I have learned every day, I know that. I will probably slip up from time to time but hopefully my periods of sobriety will get ever longer until, finally, I will know I have beaten this scourge. I really found the online community useful and continue to use it.

    —  Julian, age 45 UK

    Veronica and her knowledge and her approach to recovery goes beyond anyone I have ever worked with. She is real, raw at times, completely honest with an absolute will to truly help are looking to live a sober life. No matter where you are in your journey there is no judgement just kindness, compassion and a true concern to help you win at sobriety.
    — Robin Cosgrove