The easy way to beat alcohol triggers

The easy way to beat alcohol triggers


Do you feel that you are doing well then out of nowhere a person or situation just triggers you to drink? Even though you know alcohol is not good for you, do you find yourself succumbing to the voices in your head that say ‘go on you can just have one,’ ‘you deserve it.’ Is the trigger so intense you almost feel powerless?

Would you like to change that?

Are you ready to conquer your triggers?



When you have completed this training you will know how to:

•    Deal with triggers

•    Silence, the voices in your head, trying to persuade you to drink

•    Be able to deal with any drinking situation

•    Eliminate a trigger before it even happens

•    Feel in control and be able to make better choices for yourself

•    Lose the desire to drink


In this training package you will receive:

A workbook
A handy cheat sheet
A recording of the training video

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